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Reached goal weight1 today 50kg
really happy


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ceral 35g
150ml skimmed milk

2 slice bread sandwich with low fat spread
piece of fruit

meal as in 500cals

750 cals

 Ceral 35g with 150ml skimmed milk

1 slice of bread sandwich (low fat spread optional)
1 piece of fruit

meal as 500cals

500 cals

 35g of ceral with 150mls skimmed milk approx 250 cals

250cal ready meal   OR
1 slice of meat/ 1/2 fillet fish or 1/2 chicken breast with 2 small veg portions, 2new potatoes or 1 scoop of mash potatoes

Height?: 5''7
Weight?: 110 lbs
Lowest Weight?:  92 lbs
Highest Weight?:  147 lbs
What weight do you want to weigh?: 100 lbs at the moment
What eating disorder do you have?: Anorexia
How many calories do you eat in a day, on average?:
max of 250

Do you throw up your food on occasion?:
Yeah but i am beginning to stop it, hate doing it

Do you want to look like a supermodel/actress?:
no way. it is probably their personality that makes me hate all of them- that's really preduduce but my view

Are you in some sort of extracurricular sport, ie soccer or track?:
No have bad knees so have to be really careful with exercise

Has anyone ever teased you about your weight?:
No, i was always the thinnest of my friends

Have you ever fasted?
yes. before last admission i fasted every other 2 days

Do you take laxatives to get rid of food/calories?
Don't take them to get rid of calories but to feel clean and empty

Are you 'inspired' by models/actresses?:
No i am me

Have you ever been hospitalised for your ED?:
yes unfortunally twice

Have you ever tried to recover from your eating disorder?:
yes during first admission

Body Image Q's

Do you constantly see yourself as fat, even though others say you are not?:
Yeah i am disgusting. i have some parts that i like, collar bones, ribs and wrists but despise the rest

What part of your body would you change?:
Stomach is the worst

On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your body?:

Because of your body apperance/weight, have you become severely depressed?:
yeah, have self harmed, and made several attempts at suicide

Do you constantly compare your bodies to supermodels/actresses?:
Don't compare with super modals but compare to other people


Do you think you eat healthy enough?
No dont eat enough, but what i do eat is healthy

Are you morbidly afraid to eat carbs?:
I allow myself one portion a week

Fat grams?:
usually just work with cals not fat

Calories rule my day

Are you often tired/fatigued?:

Do you feel more energised after eating food?:
Not really

Do you eat meat?:
once a week, but cut all fat off

Do you eat your food in a certain way?
i eat veg first then the other stuff- if i purge after i will get rid of the high cals

Do people tell you you look sick or famished?:
most do. a nurse on an ed unit other day said i look really well

Have you ever thrown up blood?:

Other Stuff

Do you think the media is at fault for the prevalence of eating disorders?:
the media might have a role to play but there is other factors involved

What's your opinion of Pro-Ana?:
only just found site and it is really helpful

Do you have any other mental disorders?
Bi polar

What's your favourite food to eat?
NON ANA spagghti bolonaise  ANA fruit- love it

Favourite drink?:
Water or diet coke

Do you often wish you didn't have an ED?:
Sometimes but not right now

Do you want to recover?:
not at the moment



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